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Connecting Microsoft Teams with reviewflowz

1 What we’re aiming for

You can receive new review notifications on any MS Teams channel, but it takes a minute to set up. They’ll look something like this

2 Create an incoming webhook on Microsoft Teams

This first part is largely inspired by Microsoft’s own documentation which you can access here

What we’re doing here is creating a public URL for your MS Teams channel to ****receive******** messages and publish them.

First, open the channel you want to receive new reviews on – or create it if needed, and open it after.
In the dropdown menu on the top right corner, click “Connectors”

In the list, search & find “Incoming webhook”

3.5 If you haven’t enabled it yet, enable it first.
Click “configure”
You’ll need to give it a name – for example “reviewflowz”. You can upload an image or keep the default webhook icon. Click “Create”.
Microsoft has generated a unique URL which we’ll now need to communicate to your reviewflowz account. Keep this window open and copy the URL at the bottom of the popup.

3 Setting up the webhook URL on reviewflowz

Now that we have a URL we can use, head over to your reviewflowz account
Select Flows > New automation flow > Create a new channel or head over directly here
Select Microsoft Teams Webhook

Copy your MS Teams URL from step 1 into the “Webhook URL” field. The Channel Name field is internal to reviewflowz, and is only used for your comfort. We recommend naming it after the Microsoft Teams channel you set up the webhook for. For example “Reviews”.
Voilà, the channel is set up on our side, all that’s left is to configure your automation

Select the listing(s) you’d like us to track, and we’ll send new reviews to your MS teams channel. Be sure to save on Microsoft Teams if you haven’t yet.
Once your automation is ready, activate it, and we’ll send a confirmation message when you activate the automation.


I can’t find a “Connectors” option on the dropdown menu on MS Teams

If you can’t find a “Connectors” option in the dropdown menu, it’s likely because you don’t have rights to create new connectors on this channel. Contact your MS Teams workspace admin.

I activated the automation but nothing happened

If you’re not receiving a confirmation message after activating your review automation flow, please contact us on the chat, we’ll have a look at what happened.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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