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How to get a Slack app approved?

How to add a new Slack app to your workspace?

By default, any member of a Slack workspace can install an app.

Once an app is installed, all members of the workspace can connect their accounts to use it.

However, workspace owners can turn on app approval to require admin approval for all apps.

Members can install any apps approved by a workspace owner and may be able to request approval for other apps.

I'm having issues adding an app, do I need to request approval?

If you've tried to connect to Slack from reviewflowz and been prompted to ask for approval, Slack has sent a request to your Slack admins.

You can find the Slack admins on your workspace by going to the "More" button on the left sidebar of your Slack desktop app, hovering Your organisation, and clicking "People"

You'll land on a directory of all the people active on your Slack workspace. You can filter by "account type".

You're looking for Owners and Admins.

Now you can chase them down and ask them who's effectively in charge of app approval. They'll be able to help out.

If they have any questions about the way we handle data and privacy, reviewflowz has been reviewed and approved by the official Slack apps team, and we've documented everything we do there. Should any questions arise, they can of course reach out over the chat bubble directly, or over email on

Updated on: 22/11/2023

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